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November 1, 2019

 Bidding is now live! Find that unique piece of jewellery to love or give.

As people are out having fun for Halloween, here I sit waiting for the first Intercollector auctions to go live.  I suppose this is how I have fun – sad but true! I hope that everyone likes the items we have on offer.  

I know that I tend to prattle on about the business and launching etc but this time I just want to point our users and followers to the sales. I have separated it into two auctions, but it is really one auction in two parts. The first auction focusses on Victorian to Art Deco periods while the second auction has more modern vintage jewellery and accessories. 
I hope everyone enjoys the bidding system and user interface.  It has been especially designed to be fun and engaging to use for you, the world’s first INTERCOLLECTORS!