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February 16, 2024

 There is a lot going on at Intercollector and managing relationships is key.

We have recently updated the website with a new homepage and About Us page. The homepage now allows for easier searches and more transparent navigation for our Auction and Buy It Now elements. The About Us page gives a clearer picture of the company including our goals and values.

This may be important for us as it is a significant milestone, but on its own, it is very boring to read about it. I therefore will not waste anyone’s time with those details.

What I would like to talk about is partnership. When you work with the same business partners for a long time, there are twists and turns. I think that Intercollector is like a weird little family. We can get frustrated with each other or disagree but in the end, we find a way through. That is where the family comparison is strongest. A startup / early-stage business that has been built by a few partners requires the business equivalent of unconditional love. By this I mean that when one partner has a wobble the others pick up the slack and wait for the turbulence to end. Like a family, sometimes one feels a hostage, due to the heavy burdens, other times one feels loved and supported. 

Intercollector has been in development and trading for over 7 years and in that time we have all had personal problems and obstacles that made working on the company a challenge. One suffered with depression (yours truly!), one became a full-time carer for their parent, and we all have had a rollercoaster of life experiences that seemed to interfere with the company in that moment.​​​​​​​​

Starting a new business can be difficult, tedious and slow going. Most importantly it cannot be done by one person alone. This is a simple statement but one that many entrepreneurs do not take on board. They are impatient and can be very isolated by their own design. I understand this, for sure. I had that experience myself in my previous company. In the end my isolation and tunnel vision were not assets. This time around, we have the ultimate advantage of experience and understand that balance and cooperation in all aspects is the path to success.

On the 13th of February the Intercollector updates went from the drawing board to the users. We feel like proud parents, and it is important to celebrate this moment of success. Tomorrow we will think about what comes next! Thanks for reading this.....Allison😊🏛️😊🏛️