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August 12, 2019

 Our Inaugural Auction - Let's Go! From Victorian to Egyptian Revival there is something for all tastes

Blog post…blog post….hmmm….OK let’s get on with it! Intercollector is holding its inaugural sale in the next few weeks and I think as a new business this is what separates the men from the boys, or the women from the girls in my case. Developing a business is so exciting and the team gets to do what they do best: design and build. We have had enough time to test and test and we know that our product is ready but there is always a gap between being ready for market and trading. I can see why so many funds and banks only work with trading companies because if a team can get the company trading – they have proven that they are worth their salt and that the model does work. So here we are ready to prove ourselves and the Intercollector platform.

I have put together a jewellery sale that has some vintage fine jewellery and some costume. These have come from sellers who I have known for many years and I choose because they have a combination of fantastic items and fair prices. There are pieces by Neiger Brothers and Joseff of Hollywood as well as many rare and beautiful statement necklaces that reflect the Egyptian Revival and Art Deco styles. If you are looking for something totally unique and fabulous– look no further!