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November 23, 2019

 Our first auction of fine art is curated by well-known dealer David Brooker.

The auction business is similar to many businesses – contacts and trust are key. When starting an online auctioneer one could be forgiven for thinking that we deal with such a global audience that this pillar of the business would be disregarded or at least would be diminished. It is right to look at a new company with a certain scepticism. We get that for sure.

As a new(ish) business we too rely on our contacts and relationships from our very long careers in the art and antiques business. This has many advantages. Intercollector’s reputation relies on our sellers being incredible businesspeople as their service will be a reflection on us. Although we are very keen to build the business, we only work with sellers that we know – well.  There is no short cut here – nothing can be left to chance.

Our newest auction of works on paper is no exception. This is curated by David Brooker of David Brooker Fine Art a venerable art dealer going back 25 years.  I first met David while I was working for an auctioneer in New York in 1994 (yikes!) called Tepper Galleries. He was working for a British dealer managing the New York end of the business. He quickly became both a great client and friend. I don’t remember what he actually bought from us – Tepper was not quite up to his standard I think, but he was there at every preview and our group went out and socialized. It was fantastic, but I suppose we all wax lyrical about our 20s! Moving on….

David has since opened his own gallery in the US and is a fixture at all the big fairs both in the UK and abroad. Most recently he had a stand at the Olympia Winter Fair here in London and then quickly he was off to Texas for another fair.
David has curated a special auction for us from his own inventory of gorgeous works on paper that reflect this time of year. Enjoy!

Our auction "Decorative Works on Paper 1900 - 1988" is accepting bids from 24 November to 4 December.